Saturday, December 5, 2009

St. Nick

The other day someone informed me that they read my blog. I immediately was intimidated. This person was not someone that I actually didn't really want reading about my family and my personal struggles. I went straight to invited readers only. I haven't written much lately because of a personal tragedy in my and my husbands lives. I however decided that I have a personal need to share. So I guess I just decided that I don't really care that much.

Times are very tough right now. My husband was laid off. Last year my husband went from self employed for over 25yrs to working for a company. He took the job because of the health and dental plan. Also steady work. The company has chose not to use him on their next big project because he makes 3 times what their other employees make. They fricken hired him at that wage and now want him to cut it by $15 per hour. It's not fair. His unemployment keeps a roof over our head and food in our bellies but that's it. I can't seem to find a job in home healthcare. My credentials have all expired after 10yrs and who can afford the new classes. I know I sound like I'm whiny but damn it...I CAN'T HELP IT! I pray every night that things will get better. I guess I should just remember that my family is healthy and all my kids are happy.

I have to make a omission! I LOVE dorky Christmas movies. I think after all these years I know why. Most of those movies are about finding love at Christmas. They are all about St. Nick.
11yrs ago Dec. 18, 1999 I was single again. I had been married for 6yrs before. I was working at a store and they had a company party. I already had two dates for said party but I wasn't really thrilled about either guy. My boss had recently shown me some pictures from her wedding. I noticed one guy( dancing to the Macarena no less) I thought was handsome. I asked my boss who he was and she told me and showed me his hot blonde girlfriend next to him. But that night, the night of the party, he had broken up with that hot blonde. She decided to call him. I protested so much but she did it anyway. Long story, short....I fell in love that night. I have been in love with that man since. We had a surprise that next April, a baby. He was due at Christmas so we named him Nick. Nick will be 10yrs this NEXT year. He was overdue and it was the new Millenium, day two. My son was born in the hours following one of the scariest changes I had ever been through, the year 2000! He didn't end up being "St Nick" but "Nick" perfectly suits him!
One other thing...the gifted writers I follow are so articulate. When I write I realize how much more I should of paid attention in English. My grammar sucks! Sorry!

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