Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday, Again!

Most people look forward to Friday. Me, it the start of routine bending(or so I call it)!
Nothing is ever in a routine. One child is going to a friends after school to spend the night. One husband is flying home. One son is already bored. The car has to go to the shop. The lawns need mowed. The grandparents expect us to drive for 2hrs to spend Sat. with them. The laundry needs done. I need to go to DEQ followed by DMV. I need to pick up kid from friends house before friends parent leaves. It seems never ending.
Maybe I should just go back to bed till Monday?
Crap! I have class today! Crap!
But the one thing that stands out on this friday is...I'm still sober!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

I made it to the Columbia River....yeah! 
Picnic in hand, children in tow!
The beach was full of sun worshippers from all walks of life. It's nice at this park," The Fishermans Bar." At least I think that's the name?
We all played in the river and had a grat time people watching.
Speaking of people watching, why can't I be comfortable with my body to where a bathing suit? Some of these women were a good 200-250lbs and were wearing swimsuits. Me, I'm 5"7 and 143lbs and I am NOT wearing a suit out! Some of these women had two pieces on! I wish I was that confident. I feel out of place wearing shorts.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Off to the Falls!

What happen to the picnic by the river?
Instead he tells me we are going geocaching!
I wanted to sit by the river.
He wants to hike the falls.
So gps in hand we are off to hike the falls. We shall look for some weird trinket that someone else deems worthy of hiding. We shall also hide some strange tricket for the next husband that comes along that decided to drag his poor wife hiking instead of said place by the river! Maybe I shall place a loaded gun in the trinket he'll listen to his wife!
I'm kidding, or am I?
I'm off!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Would You Guy's Please Knock it Off!

My kids are normally loud. When I ask them to please be quiet while my husband takes his nap they decide to kick it up a notch.  Why? They decide it is time to wrestle. Time to make one another laugh. Time to drive their mom insane! It's actually not a long  journey to insanity for me, just a short trip.

Why is it that I gained 2lbs over the last month? Could it be those chocolate macadamian turtles from Costco? Why the hell does my husband keep buying them?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's 13 and has a 2K phone bill?

My daughter and I have a shared family plan with tmobile. It is a seperate bill then the rest of the families. My husband kept forgetting to pay it so he put it on autopay. Imagine our surprise when we got a "book" in the mail from tmobile. My husband opened it only to find a $1300.00 bill for this month. This must be a mistake, right? Nope! My daughter had gone over her text messages that much. So hubby calls tmobile only to discover last months was almost $400.00 and this month(1 1/2 week into the bill) is already at $500.00! She has over 5000 text messages. Now I ask you, How does anyone who's getting A & B's have that much free time on their hands?
Tmobile has agreed to take the current $500 off but thats it. We have been a loyal customer for over 15 years. We have 5 cell phones through them. We normally pay about $300 a month for them.  Don't you think they could of reduced the charges a bit more?

On a side note...The 13yr old does not know she now has unlimited texts. She won't know because she needs to have her phone surgically removed (if you get my drift)!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Beach

This was a wonderful weekend. We went to Long Beach Wa and enjoyed the coast just the three of us. It was beautiful in the afternoons. Sundy was overcast and a bit cold but it was still wonderful. We let the dog off lead on the beach for the first time. She's a Siberian Husky so thats never really a good idea but she did very well. She would just bolt but then return never letting us out of her sight. It was nice to get to see her run free. The coast is always a place where I feel free. The wind and the sounds of the ocean make me feel refreshed and renewed all over again.
The cottage we stayed in was in Seaview. It wasn't what we would of picked if we had driven by it instead of finding it on the internet. It was ok. We didn't spend much time there so it was tolerable.
The beach was so empty compared to if we would of gone to Seaside, Or. It is such a packed beach. I really don't know why Oregonians only stay on that side. Oh well, more places to stay for us!
Very pet friendly in Long Beach area.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Is She Nuts?

So today I'm in group. There are ruffly 15 women in my class. The director of the class states to everyone that there are three women in the class that she thinks are role models. She said these three women are the women that they should turn to for insperation. Low and behold one of those women is none other then......ME! What the hell? Could she have a Masters degree in crazy? I felt extremely uncomfortable and proud all in the same moment. Me, A role model, maybe in the art of wine tasting!
I guess maybe she just see's me differently then I see myself. Probably a good thing!  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mac & Cheese...oh please!

So once again hubby is out of town.
Mind you when hubby's gone the kids get to pick dinner. I being the veg-head eat almost nothing the kids eat so it's just the two I have to satisfy. 
The boy is the pickiest eater I have ever met. It is grueling at times! The girl eats almost anything. Getting the two to agree on something is almost impossible.
So last night I had no impute from the kiddies that was helpful so I took it upon myself to choose on their behalf. Chicken patties, mac & cheese, and corn. Lame in my head but I still made it.
My son comes running up to me and said, "Mommy that is the best dinner you ever made!"
Who knew it could be so simple! 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

So yesterday was Mothers Day. Now mind you I have very mixed feelings about this so called holiday. On one hand I HAVE to call my mother. Doing it sober, well it bites! I moved out of state so I only have to go home on holidays. I get so tired of hearing about my poor sister. I also have to hear all the gossip about my brothers and SIL's. All the physical ailments she(mom) is suffering that week and so on. I always get off the phone depressed. So I waited until after 8p.m. to call.
I had spent the day with my kids. Happy upbeat kids. I love that. I got flowers and cards. I got Indian food for dinner. I was a happy mommy. Happy until 8p.m when the black cloud poured in!
You would have to know my childhood to understand why my parents can be pretty tough to take.

So on a lighter note...My day is all about this mess I call a house! I do wish I was Samantha Stevens! Twitch my nose and the house would be spotless. But much to my dismay I am not a witch. So I shall spend the day cleaning the litterbox, the toilets and the other things on the plate for this domestic goddess!
I don't have class today but I do have a meeting tonight! 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Boring Saturday!

There is something about Saturdays that drives me nuts. My husband is finally home from being out of town all week so Saturday to him is a day of rest. Wake up, sit at PC, eat brunch, go back to bed for a nap, watch the game(any game), eat dinner, and then it's flipping through channels till bedtime! Now I know I could just go somewhere on my own but I miss being with him all week. So here I sit, beautiful day outside feeling sorry for myself.  

On the brighter side.....I still haven't drank!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Got A Mommy's Day Gift!

I got my mothers day gift early today. UPS brought me a brand spanking new laptop! My husband got it for me after my Vaio died. It actually commited suicide. No warning it just died.
So I am so happy right now!

Tomarrow I have class. I do love the women in it. All of them have such unique problems. I keep thinking how different we all are but we are really the same. I have started to let my guard down. I stop judging them and now I don't even notice how different we all are. I am starting to realize that my problems sometimes pail in comparison. But I'm there and I'm making strides at becoming the person I want to be.
 Yes I have a home. Yes I have a husband. Yes my children live with me. Yes I have money for food and don't need food stamps. I may be different and I don't have a drug problem but I do love wine. This makes me no different then the rest. I am finding out that I may judge others without even knowing it.

Chelsea Lately is on.....I must watch!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Baby Syndrome!

I feel like a reborn baby. Things are changing all around me and I'm okay with it. Change used to scare the hell out of me. Now I just know that I needed a change in my life.
I went from never leaving my home to being gone at least a few hours everyday. I put on makeup and get dresses everyday of the week!  If you knew me you would understand what great strides that is for me.
So my daughter has her first "real" crush. At 13, it could be the first time she ends up "crushed" when it's over. So knowing that middle schoolers are fickle, I'm still trying to figure out how to handle it. I just don't want my daughter to turn out like some of her friends have. They aren't bad kids their just not the best kids.

So I'll cross my fingers for a good day today. Hubby is leaving town, AGAIN! I hate his work and all the travel. Off to the airport we must go!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New life...again!

28 days sober! It is not much fun to start over, but it's better than not getting the chance ever again.
Going to meetings. I hadn't been in years. 5yrs without a drink and then I didn't fall off the wagon I dove head first!
Wine is not my friend!
One glass will never do!
Nobody even knew I was drinking.
My husband was (is) always away on business and that filled in the gap of boredom.
Loneliness is not a reason to drink wine.

So for now I will stay sober. One fricken day at a time!