Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Wish I Could Sleep 13 Hours

This week oldest child moved back home, again! Poor thing just can't seem to get the man thing right. She knows he's not good for her. She is just scarred of being alone. Not to mention the fact she has to move back home to her own room. Now comes the task of moving all her stuff back into storage. This is the 3rd or maybe 4th time.
She isn't as upset as last time but she's still hurting. She leaves for her vay-cay to Hawaii in a couple of weeks so she has someting to look forword to. I can't believe her 20th birthday is next week.
My husband announced he was "having a bad day and going back to bed!" That was at 11:30am. He is still in bed.
So now the fights start. Younger kid's stay up till 2am and sleep till 3pm and oldest works and has to be to work at 6am. Balance that one mom!

So for now I just wear my striped uniform and say....Shhhh, someones always sleeping! Son of a bitch!


eden said...

Natika .... why has your blog not been in my reader????

I am so so sorry mate! Crisis averted .... I will put it in there and never miss a post. My goodness. How are you? I totaly get this post - I am forever telling the guys around here to shush, as somebody is always sleeping. Just wish it was me!!

Hope you are well ... and enjoying your last month of summer. Not to be greedy or anything, but you need to send it down here soon :)


nonlineargirl said...

You can borrow my motto - someone is almost always crying, and as long as it isn't me it is okay.