Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I haven't posted in so long. I look at the blog list I am reading and I see my own. Some how I always put myself last. I always finish reading everyone else and I get my fill of blogs. Mine always goes to the wayside.

In the month between my last post I have done lots. I finished my program and graduated. Yeah me! I'm still sober.
I've done some Kayaking, hiking, boating, and camping. Lot's of outdoor activities. My dog is loving the camping. My kid's, not so much! No electronic devices. My new fave place is Cougar Washington. It is so pretty up there. It only takes about a hour to get there so it's a easy trip.

I wish I had more to say...what I can I say but I don't!
Oh ya, anyone out there want a guinea pig? I now have 9 and one more due any day.
I could freakin wring the piggie rescue for mis-sexing that cute red piggy. Then I would have to wring my own neck for not checking it myself.

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