Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Pain of My Addiction

Please watch this as I have so many's me.

This is my life .

I hope I remember my way home.


Lorraine said...

okay, i'm all post-partum hormonal, so maybe i'm not the best judge right now, but i think there is something subversive in the too-prettiness of that video. it seems so seductive on the surface that the heart-string tugging just makes me feel manipulated. all of the details that make it pretty - the desaturated color, the close harmony, the wide perspective, the narrow depth-of-field - are all just distracting from the fact that it is an emotional ramrod.

sweetie, i don't know anything about addiction, but if this is how it is my sympathies have just grown exponentially. i can't imagine going through life like that. lots of good thoughts to you.

Natika said...

That song to me was more about me standing over my life watching me make a wreck out of it.
To me it was me speaking to alcohol.