Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

So yesterday was Mothers Day. Now mind you I have very mixed feelings about this so called holiday. On one hand I HAVE to call my mother. Doing it sober, well it bites! I moved out of state so I only have to go home on holidays. I get so tired of hearing about my poor sister. I also have to hear all the gossip about my brothers and SIL's. All the physical ailments she(mom) is suffering that week and so on. I always get off the phone depressed. So I waited until after 8p.m. to call.
I had spent the day with my kids. Happy upbeat kids. I love that. I got flowers and cards. I got Indian food for dinner. I was a happy mommy. Happy until 8p.m when the black cloud poured in!
You would have to know my childhood to understand why my parents can be pretty tough to take.

So on a lighter note...My day is all about this mess I call a house! I do wish I was Samantha Stevens! Twitch my nose and the house would be spotless. But much to my dismay I am not a witch. So I shall spend the day cleaning the litterbox, the toilets and the other things on the plate for this domestic goddess!
I don't have class today but I do have a meeting tonight! 

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