Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Got A Mommy's Day Gift!

I got my mothers day gift early today. UPS brought me a brand spanking new laptop! My husband got it for me after my Vaio died. It actually commited suicide. No warning it just died.
So I am so happy right now!

Tomarrow I have class. I do love the women in it. All of them have such unique problems. I keep thinking how different we all are but we are really the same. I have started to let my guard down. I stop judging them and now I don't even notice how different we all are. I am starting to realize that my problems sometimes pail in comparison. But I'm there and I'm making strides at becoming the person I want to be.
 Yes I have a home. Yes I have a husband. Yes my children live with me. Yes I have money for food and don't need food stamps. I may be different and I don't have a drug problem but I do love wine. This makes me no different then the rest. I am finding out that I may judge others without even knowing it.

Chelsea Lately is on.....I must watch!

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