Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Beach

This was a wonderful weekend. We went to Long Beach Wa and enjoyed the coast just the three of us. It was beautiful in the afternoons. Sundy was overcast and a bit cold but it was still wonderful. We let the dog off lead on the beach for the first time. She's a Siberian Husky so thats never really a good idea but she did very well. She would just bolt but then return never letting us out of her sight. It was nice to get to see her run free. The coast is always a place where I feel free. The wind and the sounds of the ocean make me feel refreshed and renewed all over again.
The cottage we stayed in was in Seaview. It wasn't what we would of picked if we had driven by it instead of finding it on the internet. It was ok. We didn't spend much time there so it was tolerable.
The beach was so empty compared to if we would of gone to Seaside, Or. It is such a packed beach. I really don't know why Oregonians only stay on that side. Oh well, more places to stay for us!
Very pet friendly in Long Beach area.

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